Public Access TV: Superstar

About The Game:

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Public Access TV: Superstar is a simulation game available for Windows, Mac and Linux created with Love2D. In Public Access TV: Superstar you create videos for public access TV while being rewarded on how well they do by your sponsors. Create your own silly TV shows, find the best mixes of genres and make money by selling out! Reach your goal of one million dollars!

This game was created for Something Awful's month long game jam in July.

Running The Game


Running the game on Windows is easy!

Just download and run Public_Access_TV_Superstar.exe in the PATS_Win folder.

Download — Windows

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Mac & Linux

First, download and install Love2D.

Then download and run in the PATS_ML folder.

Download — Mac

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Playing The Game


All you need is a mouse and keyboard!

Public Access TV: Superstar is controlled by using your left mouse button to interact with on screen buttons. When the option to name something comes up in the game, just type it on the keyboard.

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Saving & Loading

One click saving!

To Save your game in Public Access Superstar all you need to do is hit the Save icon while in game.

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Load from the title screen!

To Load your game in Public Access Superstar all you need to do is hit the load button on the title screen. The Load button will not appear if there is no save file.

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Notice — The saves are stored in different places for each operating system:

Windows XP — C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\PATS\ or %appdata%\PATS\
Windows Vista/7/8 — C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\LOVE or %appdata%\PATS\
Linux — $XDG_DATA_HOME/love/ or ~/.local/share/love/
Mac — /Users/user/Library/Application Support/LOVE/



A mix of Genre and Type.

Picking the right Genre and Type together is very important! If they mix poorly you get less money from your sponsors.

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(!) They say if you find the 15 Best Combinations, something good will happen.

Show Times

Time is always important.

The Time Slot you pick to show your video is important. If it's a bad time for that Genre it will get low views, and you will be paid less!

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(!) You can always use the History Icon History Icon to see your combo, and if that time slot worked!


Choose your talent wisely.

Actors have a Genre and Type they are good at. They will provide bonus cash when you make videos that match them.

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(!) Training an actor gives a higher bonus, but also increases their wages!


A 5 Star Video? Yes.

Your Rank will go up as you make videos. The higher your Rank the more your get paid!

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(!) You'll need to make over 100 videos to get to a 5 Star Rank!



This game has a few hidden codes that you can enter by typing them in place of a video name. Good luck finding them!


The only cheat I'll spoil, it makes you lose all your money and game over!


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